Rug Repair and Restoration Service

Rug Repair and Restoration Homestead is one of the many services we offer here at Oriental Rug Cleaning Homestead. There are so many reasons why a rug would need to repaired and/or restored. We offer a variety of repair services that could benefit you while also making your rug look fantastic again. Everything we do is in house. We own our own rug cleaning plant, which is over 5,000 sq feet, this assures our customers that we have the proper space and tools to perform anything. Our master weavers are such experts that they perform a large volume of rug repair and restoration weekly, while still providing great customer service and satisfaction.

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Rug Padding Homestead

Rug Padding Service

Unlike most companies, we do sell customer rug padding in Homestead. We do not buy pre-cut padding because we believe it is important to provide fresh padding to each and every customer. Not only is our...

Rug Customisation Homestead

Rug Customisation

We offer a variety of services and Rug Sizing Homestead is one of them. Sometimes people who live in homes get to the point in life where they want to downsize. They love the rugs that they have...

Rug Color Correction Homestead

Rug Color Correction

Rug Color Correction Homestead is an additional service that our restoration team can perform on your rug. When our rug specialists show up at your home, they will discuss the many possibilities...

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Rug Cleaning Homestead

Rug Cleaning Service

Oriental Rug Cleaning Homestead is a search term that is highly used in looking for a rug cleaning company in Homestead, Florida. We want to let you know that we have been hand washing wool and silk rugs for over 32 years. We wouldn't be surprised if you've seen our signature...

Pet Odor and Stain Removal Homestead

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Pet Odor Removal Homestead is a service that we happen to be really good at it. In fact, we are so good that we offer a guarantee pet odor removal service. Yes, we offer a guaranteed odor removal service in Homestead and we stand behind it 100%. This is probably why you...

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