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Welcome to Oriental Rug Cleaning Homestead! We have been servicing Homestead for over 32 years now and we look forward to the many more years ahead of us. Our expertise in rug cleaning has made us the go to company for oriental rug cleaning and repair needs...

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For More Details Call Us : 305-354-7677

For More Details Call Us : 305-354-7677


Rug Cleaning Homestead

Rug Cleaning Services

Oriental Rug Cleaning Homestead is a search term that is highly used in looking for a rug cleaning company in Homestead, Florida. We want to let you know that we have been hand washing wool and silk rugs for over 32 years...

Rug Repair and Restoration Homestead

Rug Repair and Restoration Service

Rug Repair and Restoration Homestead is one of the many services we offer here at Oriental Rug Cleaning Homestead. There are so many reasons why a rug would need to repaired and/or restored. We offer a variety...

Pet Odor and Stain Removal Homestead

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Pet Odor Removal Homestead is a service that we happen to be really good at it. In fact, we are so good that we offer a guarantee pet odor removal service. Yes, we offer a guaranteed odor removal service...

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Back in 1986 when we first started, we were performing our hand washing process during a time where it was mostly traditional rug cleaning being done on oriental rugs. Today we see the trends have moved to modern oriental rugs which still use silk and wool...

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For More Details Call Us : 305-354-7677


  • "I have used this company for a number of years on all different types of oriental rugs. Such an extremely competent rug cleaning and repair service. Their staff is very friendly and helpful. Their service and quality is fantastic, and their pricing is very reasonable. I refuse to take my rugs anywhere else. Thank you guys!"

    - Dennis Z.
  • “These guys are the greatest! Omar is a pleasure to work with! My Persian rugs are very precious to me and Oriental Rug Cleaning is the only people I trust with them because they really know what they are doing. My rugs are always ready when promised. Who could ask for more”

    - Robin B.
  • “I can't say enough good things about their service. I've brought several of my area rugs for cleaning to them and consistently they do a high quality job and welcome my business with high professionalism. They're definitely the best in the area. I highly recommend them”

    - Robinson R.


Oriental Rug Cleaning Homestead


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